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Own a Piece of Real Estate History!

One of the most expensive homes in country (or world) is the one time residence of William Randolph Hearst—whose life inspired Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane—purchased the home for his long-time lover, the actress Marion Davies, and christened it Beverly House. Hearst actually died in the home in 1951.

Beverly House has been on the market a few times for as much as $135,000,000.  But the current owner is in debt on the home and trying to crowdfund the $40mm he needs to pay the banks.  Investors willing to pony up a minimum of $125,000 for a “Unit” of the house will receive a guaranteed 5 percent return on their investment, with the potential to get up to a 20 percent return. Assuming the house sells.

Oh, and the house was also used in the famous “horse head” scene in the movie The Godfather. That’s some pedigree. Here’s what you’ll get:

19+ bedrooms, 40 bathrooms, a nightclub, Harry Potter-esque library, and two screening rooms on a mind blowing 50,000,000-square-foot estate. 2016-09-02 08-52-02