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Sarah Jessica Parker Breaks Ties With Epi-Pen Over Price Gouging

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I’ll be honest with you — I didn’t even know Sarah Jessica Parker was ever promoting Epi-Pen, the life-saving allergy product given to those with anaphylaxis, but apparently it was a thing for a while. It is no longer, however, since SJP isn’t happy with the price gouging going on at the moment. Apparently Mylan, the company behind the Epi-Pen, has raised the prices of the drug roughly 400% (though as of this morning, Mylan has vowed to make the drug more affordable) and SJP decided to cut dies because of it. She announced that decision on Instagram this morning:

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Good for her. SJP does say some ignorant ass shit sometimes (like that she’s not a feminist because she just believes in equality for everyone, which… girl, sit down), but she’s also an intelligent and well-spoken woman who does some great things for those less fortunate, and it’s good to see her take a stand here. It’s so fucked up that companies are more concerned with profits than actually healing people or providing them with life-saving treatments. Really, really disgusting.

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  • Looks like Sarah has become much more ethical and conscientious since the days of “Sex in the City’s” great popularity. It was blatantly obvious that the actor at that time was taking payoffs from the tobacco industry to push cigarettes onto the young and impressionable women and girls that made up the show’s demographic base.