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The Lochte Apology 2016-08-19 14-23-24

So Lochte says he wasn’t “totally candid” with his initial story about being robbed at gunpoint while in Brazil last weekend.  That’s putting it mildly.

He and his fellow swimmers said police pulled their cab over, dragged them out at gunpoint, forced them to the ground and robbed them of $400.  What we know now is that the US Olympians were at a gas station in Rio, when for whatever reason, they kicked a bathroom door in. This caused security to round them up and force them to sit on a curb while they interrogated them. All of which is perfectly reasonable behavior for security and would have happened the same way here (US). Possibly even more violently.

Now whether or not you agree with how it was handled, or if you think this is just Brazil being butthurt over all the criticism they’ve received regarding the conditions at the games… regardless of all of that, you have to agree that Lochte was more than just not “candid”.  He flat out lied. And at 32 he is grown enough to know better.

That’s all I want to say on the matter.