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Some Dude From Tennessee Got Catfished Into Thinking He Was Dating Katy Perry For 6 Years

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Here’s one question I find myself asking on a near daily basis: What in the hell is wrong with people’s brains? If you don’t have developmental disabilities, how on earth is it that you can convince yourself to believe such outlandish shit, like that God hates gay people (or exists at all, but I’m actually alright with religion as a security blanket so long as you don’t try to let your bullshit dictate other people’s lives and rights) or that you’re totally dating Katy Perry for six years even though you’ve only talked to “her” on the phone once in six years and have never met her? The latter is exactly what happened with some dude named Spencer from Tennessee, who appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show.

Here’s the scoop from The Huffington Post:

According to catfishee Spencer, he’s been communicating with “Katy” through texts and emails and sharing information with the pop star that only she could know.

If we follow Spencer’s timeline, then he and Perry would’ve maintained their relationship through her marriage to Russell Brand, divorce from Russell Brand, multiple flings with John Mayer and the nude pictures of her current boyfriend Orlando Bloom or, as Spencer refers to him, “the elf from ‘Lord of the Rings.’”

Sadly for Spencer, by the end of the episode, he’s faced with the facts that (TWIST) his online connection was less of a firework and more like an off-brand sparkler from the 99-cent store. He was being catfished the whole time.

Yikes. This truly is insane. Have a look at the clip and prepare for some insanity (but amazing TV):

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