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Beyonce Goes All Daredevil on Yacht

TMZ got these shots of Bey and Jay cruising out off the coast of Sardinia on their favorite rented super yacht, the Galactica Star. But instead of sunbathing or sipping bubbly … Beyonce decided to go all daredevil and dive off the top deck.

Follow this crazy brave jump.

Bey’s gal pal appears to be saying “Girl, don’t do it!” 2016-08-19 12-12-36

She ready’s up for the terrifying leap… 2016-08-19 12-12-56

LOOK AT THIS NONSENSE!!!!   I’d pee the whole way down. 2016-08-19 12-43-57



And She’s in! Amazing. I guess being one of the most famous people in the world gives you nerves of steel! 2016-08-19 12-14-32