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Phelps Face Meme Wins Internet 2016-08-10 22-17-17

Michael Phelps’ stink eye before the men’s 200m butterfly has “broken the internet” as they say.

The most decorated Olympian of all time got in the zone before getting to the pool when he saw his competition. South African swimmer Chad le Clos, and went full Vader on him.  Apparently Le Clos had “warmed up with a little dancing,” and Phelps didn’t love it. Here are Twitter’s best uses of this universal emotion. 2016-08-10 22-26-29 2016-08-10 22-26-53 2016-08-10 22-27-31 2016-08-10 22-28-21 2016-08-10 22-29-11 2016-08-10 22-29-39 2016-08-10 22-30-33 2016-08-10 22-31-59