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“Mommie Dearest” House for Sale



I confess I’ve seen the cinematic masterpiece “Mommie Dearest” easily 25 times.  It’s not just about a cold hearted mother, but rather a wonderful look inside old hollywood. An era never to be seen again.  True Glamour.  And now a piece of it can be yours.

The inside of the home was mostly created on a sound stage at the studios, but every inch of the outside remains just as it was captured on film.  From the front of the home, where Joan accepted her Oscar for her performance in Mildred Pierce, to the backyard where Tina had her birthday parties. And of course the pool where Mommie beat young Christina in an exhausting race of spirit smashing.

But don’t call your broker yet. The Beverly Hills home, situated on 1.66 acres, and on the same street as the Spelling Manor and Playboy Mansion, is asking a crazy $35 million, lock stock and barrel.  What’s more, the selling agent suggest this may very well be a tear down.   Enjoy all the pictures here and a few comparison shots below.

Yard 1 (1)

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