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Katy Perry Is, Like, So OCD, You Guys


katy perry

You all know by now that when it comes to my feelings on Katy Perry, I’m torn. I love her music — it’s everything pop should be — I’ve seen her live, and I’m here for her as an artist. As a person? Eh… not so convinced. Her persona is so over-the-top and contrived that it kinda makes me wanna peel my own skin off with a cheese grater whenever I see her talk. We’re the same age, and yet Katy talks and acts like she’s perpetually 12 years old, which is potentially one of the most obnoxious personality traits you can have.

Anyhow, that’s neither here nor there, except it’s totally here, because Katy’s insistence on seeming, like, so totally ~*qUiRkY*~ makes her say dumb shit, like how she joked on Twitter about how she’s got OCD because she likes things in neat order, tee hee!

Look, I’m not someone who thinks everything needs to be super serious and we need to be the PC police all the time (to a certain degree, that is), but like, what’s Katy’s point? Insisting that you’ve got what is potentially a life-altering illness like OCD because you think it makes you seem cool and so unique is corny as shit… but I suppose we shouldn’t expect any better from KP. Not amused!

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  • Thats an old joke. She didn’t make it up- she probably just thought it was funny and reposted it.