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Lindsay Lohan Is Engaged — This Is Not A Drill

lindsay lohan engaged

If you had no idea that Lindsay Lohan was even dating anyone because seriously, who the fuck even pays attention to Lindsay Lohan anymore, then you’re not alone. I kinda forgot she existed since — shockingly — she’s been keeping a pretty low profile lately. It’s kind of refreshing, to be honest. But now she’s back in the news because not only has she got a new boyfriend, she’s got a fiance. That’s right – Lindsay Lohan’s engaged!

Lindsay’s husband-to-be is 22-year-old Egor Tarabasov, who’s apparently the Russian heir to some serious cash…. which explains why she’s fallen so head over heels in “love”, right? We all know LiLo’s cash stash has been dwindling for years, and since her acting career is over and even Oprah left her ass behind, so why not get married?!

From TMZ:

We’re told Russian heir Egor Tarabasov popped the question over the weekend, and LiLo said … Da.

As we’ve told you … 29-year-old Lindsay and Egor started dating about 5 months ago, and got serious pretty quickly. Egor spent the holidays in NY with the Lohan fam, who gave him the stamp of approval.

Egor, whose father is a multi-millionaire businessman, met Linds through mutual friends at a party.

OK, time for some bets. How much money will you put on this wedding never happening? And if it does, who thinks it’ll last even fewer days than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries? I mean, this is just insane!