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Jennifer Lawrence’s “Bullshit Detector” Is Off The Charts

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Jennifer Lawrence has been pretty in demand for a while now, and that means a lot of people want to be around her. It has to be hard for celebrities to find friends, but particularly for J. Law, it’s gotta really suck. Luckily, she’s a pretty good judge of character and has an inner “bullshit detector” that alerts her to anyone trying to get close to her for the wrong reasons.

From Entertainment Weekly (via People):

“People start to feel a lot less guilty when you become bigger or have more money. People feel less guilty taking from you because it’s like stealing a Snickers from Duane Reade [drugstore]. People forget about the personal drain or attack that you feel.”

“I have a very small circle. The moment I feel like someone is using me or is in it for the wrong reasons, I have zero guilt about just cutting them the fuck out of my life.”

“My bulls— detector is phenomenal. None of my friends bullshit me. Everything in my life has to be real.”

Nice! I would totally hang with J. Law even if she was broke as shit, because she seems hilarious and down-to-earth and like a lot of fun to be around. Also, she likes to eat, and that’s always a good thing.  Basically, I can see why so many people want to be around her. It’s just a shame a lot of them want to BFF-her up for the wrong reasons.

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  • Give me a break that’s true of anyone I would hope. If someone is a user then fuck’m cut them loose. It’s been my experience that people that talk about “having a good bs detector” are usually full of shit themselves.

    • I’m sure it is real. She was in the entertainment news recently for being the best paid actress last year. Aside from her being famous, I’m certain people want to cozy up to her because she’s rich and feed off her money like leeches.