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Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Are Dating Again

emma roberts evan peters dating

Well, this is definitely going to go well. The last we heard of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, they’d broken up after Emma was arrested for domestic violence against Evan back in 2013. It was a pretty bad time for Emma, who was said to be “out of control” for a while. Whether or not she’s gotten it together in her personal life now, her career has picked up again now that she’s starring in Scream Queens (and she’s so perfect as Chanel, you have to admit). Oh, and Evan seems to be happy to give her another chance, because they’re dating again.

The pair had a date night in Los Angeles Wednesday, where they looked happy sharing some sushi, a source tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Emma Roberts and Evan Peters seem to be back together. They had a date night last night at Roku – just the two of them. Super cuddly, were holding hands, laughing and smiling,” the source tells PEOPLE. “They looked super happy together and noshed on sushi and a few rounds of cocktails before leaving the restaurant together.”

I don’t get it, to be honest, and I don’t think this is going to last at all, but what do I know? Maybe this is just what true love looks like and they’re going to be together forever. Maybe not, too, but who knows?

As long as she doesn’t start getting violent again, they might have a chance.

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  • if she lays a hand on him in a violent manner again I will fly to la and punch her in the face whilst asking her why she would ever hurt an angel.

  • Oh lawd, you guys, she is such a crackhead in real life. Well it might be a different upper she’s on, I’m not sure which is her preference, but honestly, if she doesn’t get her act together, she’ll die early or end up being the next Lohan. Evan dude, don’t be a fool…