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Lamar Odom Suffered 12 Strokes After Overdose

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Now that more tests have been done on Lamar Odom following his serious medical emergency which put him in a coma for several days and has caused serious issues with several major organs, as well as his ability to walk and talk, the extent of what happened to him has somewhat been revealed. Apparently he suffered a staggering 12 strokes early on and he may never fully recover from the way they’ve messed up his motor function.

Lamar Odom suffered 12 strokes early on in his medical emergency, TMZ has learned, and they affected his motor skills.

Doctors performed a series of brain scans on Lamar and discovered the strokes. Although the strokes didn’t affect vital organs, we’re told they did have an impact on his ability to walk and talk.

Lamar’s medical team isn’t saying if the impairment is permanent. He’ll undergo months of physical therapy and doctors don’t know the extent to which his motor skills and speech will be restored.

The immediate obstacle right now is Lamar’s kidneys, which have failed. He’ll continue on dialysis and may need a transplant.

Yikes. That’s definitely not good. And after his emergency surgery the other day, he’s apparently still in critical condition. In the meantime, Khloe Kardashian is sticking by him in the ICU.

“Khloe’s not really responding to friends who’ve reached out; I think she’s just in a bubble with her family right now,” the second source told Us, while another added that the 31-year-old “takes their wedding vows — for better or worse, in sickness and health — extremely seriously.”

“This is a huge wakeup call for Lamar, for his friends and family,” the source added. “Everyone is just really hoping for the best.”

This whole thing is not going to be over anytime soon, and it remains to be seen how much of a recovery Lamar can make. I wish him the best, of course – he’s had a really messed up life, so let’s hope he’s finally starting to value it.

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  • Yep. I hope those drugs and hookers got you what you were looking for Lamar. You’re pretty much screwed and will have problems with, and for, the rest of your life, however long that is. Hope it was worth it!

  • Is it too callous to feel like people like Lamar, while he might be a nice guy and all, should be on the bottom of donor lists? People with genetic defects and true medical conditions are far more deserving than those who have abused themselves to near-death. I mean, assuming they can even find a match.

  • How much coke did this guy do? Zero sympathy from me, as this was entirely self inflicted and easily avoided. Idiot.

  • Entirely self inflicted, self destructive and self indulgent. What a tool this guy is. I have absolutely zero sympathy for him. None. He’s a complete idiot and I agree with Jacq — there are far worthier candidates for transplants.

  • he will get one if he needs one. What good is being rich if it don’t save your life one day. You can’t knock him for that. Whether you think he deserves or not, you can’t stop someone from offering or getting PAID…I don’t like the rich and don’t know much about him beyond my being a clippers fan and knowing more about his basketball history than being Khloe hubby….but if he gets a kidney good for him don’t hate

  • Aimed at especially Steph but also at Jacq. He doesn’t deserve it because he has an addiction? Which is an extremely painful disease btw, one of the worst. Before you have a strong opinion about something, at least educate yourself about it first, otherwise you will just look like an ignorant idiot like you do now. Having been an addict, something that is very genetic btw I at least know what I’m talking about. Everyone has tried at least one thing that you can get addicted to, whether it’d be cigarettes, alcohol, sex, masturbation, games and the list goes on. Most are lucky and don’t get addicted, but some aren’t that lucky. And most people with a serious disease has come from a bad living, like not eating healthy enough, working out, stressing too much etc. By your logic everyone is deserving of death and don’t deserve any sympathy or help. Because those things are ACTUALLY a choice, addiction is not about a choice, its so powerful that you cannot control it. You should try to think first before you express yourself and not the other way around. It’s lucky all people aren’t like you, then we would be doomed as a race.

    TL;DR You are an ignorant idiot.