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Adele Revealed New Music During Primetime UK TV & The Internet Went Crazy


Since I’m in the UK at the moment, I was lucky enough to witness this exciting moment in real-time. We were watching The X Factor (because yes, that’s still a thing over here) and during one of the ad breaks, a black screen came on and a voice began singing – a familiar voice, at that. The song was a piano ballad and the words that flashed across the screen in white text were the lyrics of the song. In 30 seconds, it was over, and the ad ended with no pictures, names, or any more info, but simply three white dots forming an ellipsis. That was how Adele chose to reveal her new music to the world.

Her voice has obviously matured and I don’t really get the whole “I’ll release new music but keep it shrouded in mystery by not putting my name on it, giving any info on the album or anything else” to-do, but whatever, the Internet went nuts. Immediately Twitter started going crazy about how Adele was ready to start snatching wigs off all our faves because she’s making a big comeback. I consider myself a big Adele fan, so I’m on board with this 100%, but I’ll need to hear a bit more.

Here’s the commercial that aired last night:

What do you think? Adele’s third album, 25, is rumoured to be set for a November 20 release date, but so far there are no confirmations on anything – album title, single, release date, anything, so we’ll have to temper our excitement.