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I Guess We Have To Talk About Justin Bieber’s Dick

justin bieber

Yesterday, the Internet broke when paparazzi pictures of Justin Bieber au naturale on vacation leaked online. In the photos, Justin is in Bora Bora and presumably getting ready to go for a swim. He’s in the nude, his dick swinging here and fro, and that’s that. The uproar was presumably over two things: first, the fact that we’re finally seeing Justin Bieber’s dick after those suggestive Calvin Klein underwear ads, and second, aforementioned dick is of pretty good size.

You’ll remember that Justin’s dick has been a hot topic of conversation for a while now. Not only did he threaten to sue when someone Photoshopped him into having a micro dong a few months back, prompting his personal trainer to assure the world at large that he’s definitely “well-endowed” in real life, but he’s also been complimented on his nether regions by a Brazilian model he slept with one time.

I know, I know, you just want to see the goods. I’m here for you – they’re behind the cut, just in case you’re at work/Bieber-averse. It’s hard for me to gauge any kind of reaction to this because it’s not my thing in so many senses, but for those of you who are big fans of dick, what do you think of Justin’s?

bieber butt

bieber dick

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