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Prince Harry Still Isn’t Ready To Settle Down

prince harry

Prince Harry recently returned to England after a three month sojourn in Africa, and everyone figured it’s about time for him to settle down. After all, he’s already in his 30s and isn’t getting any younger, so shouldn’t he be getting married and having more royal babies? Eh, maybe, but Harry’s not feeling it, and he’s got a lot of other things he’d rather do than walk down the aisle.

Asked if he were “anywhere near” settling down in a new interview with Britain’s ITV, he replied, “No. There are a lot of things to get done before settling down. Another seven miles to walk now, which I’m not looking forward to…8! Everyone looks forward to settling down, but in the meantime it’s work as usual so let’s crack on.”

To be honest, why SHOULD he be in a hurry. At the moment, there are four people ahead of him in line to the throne, so he’s never going to have to rule in his life – not that a ruler should have to be married or anything, but that is the general expectation. Harry a prince, sure, and he’ll fulfill his duties as a royal, but in terms of how he lives his life, he can afford to play a little more fast and loose with timelines, so why shouldn’t he enjoy himself? In a way, he’s got the better deal, because he doesn’t have to be primed to be king, so he can afford to mess up a bit more.

You’re young and hot, Harry. Live your life! Don’t let anyone hold you down!

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