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Katy Perry Gets Groped By Fan During Rock In Rio

katy perry rock in rio

Katy Perry performed at the Rock In Rio music festival in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday, and things got a little crazy when she invited a female fan on stage. It’s likely that she regretted her decision immediately, since it became clear pretty quickly that the fan was likely high on something — or “rolling” on E, as Katy commented — and began kissing her neck, groping her, and basically being completely inappropriate.

While many stars would have immediately called for security to remove the fan from the stage, Katy played along and kept her sense of humor, which kept the event moving and likely made that girl’s entire year (not that she probably remembered much once she was sober again). Whatever you think of Katy, you’ve got to give her credit for how seamlessly she handled the situation. Love her!

Apparently the girl’s name is Rayane, even if she can’t manage to say that while on stage. I swear to God, this is yet another reason I couldn’t be famous. Big credit to Katy for keeping her cool and not shoving the girl straight off the stage.

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