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Leah Remini Releasing A Scientology Memoir About Her Time With The Church

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I love Leah Remini because she seriously doesn’t give a shit. She’s got sass and isn’t afraid to speak out against bullshit. It’s that same attitude that not only allowed her to finally get away from the cult that is the Church of Scientology after so many years, and what’s enabled her to speak out against their insane practices. Now, she’s taken things one step further and is releasing a book about her experience called Troublemaker. Yesssss!

From the NY Daily News:

Two years after quitting the church, the actress is publishing “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology” on Nov. 3, Ballantine Books announced Thursday.

Remini had been raised as a Scientologist since she was a child, but famously broke with the faith in 2013.

Remini’s new book will chronicle her indoctrination into the church at age 10 with her mother and sister, and how her rise to Hollywood stardom grew “increasingly intertwined” with promoting Scientology.

The “King of Queens” star will also describe how she found herself to be a target once she began raising concerns about church practices, leading her and her family to quit the church altogether.

Um, A+ synopsis, will definitely buy and read this. I think tell-alls are fascinating, and cults are fascinating too, so I’m game for this.

Would you read Leah’s book or do you feel like Going Clear told you all you need to know? I wonder how sordid the details Leah gives will get. She must not fear retribution, that’s all I’m saying!

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  • I wonder if there is any area in the country where Remini isn’t recognizable (definitely), because there will SURELY be a scientology hit on her after this release.

  • She’s brave to take them on, she must feel like she’s safe from retribution or revenge. But she better stay in the public eye and hire a bodyguard just in case.

  • This could be good? I am almost more interested in see what if anything happens in response to her tell all. What about her “confession tapes” I wonder if the content of those will be revealed