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Selena Gomez Releases New Album Tracklist With Sexy Gifs

selena gomez

Putting the words “sexy” and “Selena Gomez” in the same sentence seems just wrong, since she still very much looks like she’s about 12 to me, but whatever! She’s got a new album coming out called Revival, and to share the tracklist with her fans, she decided to post them to Twitter along with some gifs to get the party started. Frankly, I didn’t really like “Good For You” all that much, but it did grow on me. I would never buy or listen to a full album, but there may be a few good singles on there.

And now, let’s get to the goods, shall we?

Well, that’s all very exciting. The album is out October 9, which is a full month ahead of Justin Bieber’s, though I think we know whose will be killing it in the sales department.

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