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Harry Connick Jr’s Daughter Arrested For Providing Alcohol To Underage Teens

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I haven’t thought about Harry Connick Jr. in a long time, and that makes me sad, because he’s still got that whole hot Southern gent/dad situation going on and seems pretty down-to-earth. I bet he wasn’t down-to-earth when his 19-year-old daughter, Georgia Connick, was arrested for providing alcohol to underage teens. This is particularly ironic since clearly she’s not even legally old enough to drink, but whatever.

From NBC New York:

Georgia Connick, 19, faces charges of permitting minors to possess alcohol and procuring alcohol for minors, according to New Canaan police.

Someone called police just after 1 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 15 to report underage drinking was going on at a party at the Connick family’s West Road house in New Canaan. When police arrived, they discovered a lot of young people running from the home and trying to escape through the woods near the home, police said.

The “American Idol” judge’s daughter told police that swarms of young people showed up at her house during what was initially intended to be a small gathering, according to New Canaan police.

There were several empty and partially empty beer cans at the home, police said they discovered.

Officers contacted the parents of 15 party guests between 18 and 20 years old who stayed at the house while police were on scene, New Canaan police said.

Man, what a bummer. Also, who was the snitch, because that’s seriously not cool. Come on, that was clearly just somebody who felt like being an asshole – and how they even found out, anyway, is beyond me, since I’m imagining Harry Connick Jr. has a mansion and they likely don’t have any close neighbors. I’m not saying doing illegal shit is cool or should be excused, but they’re teenagers (and not like, 14, either) – let them live a little.

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