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Ben Affleck’s Nanny/Girlfriend/Affair Partner Is Being Kept At The Hotel Bel-Air

ben affleck nanny

Ben Affleck‘s ex-nanny slash new girlfriend slash affair partner, Christine Ouzounian, is obviously a hot commodity right now. The press are desperate to get to her, or at the very least snap a picture of her, since she’s largely thought to be to blame for the dissolution of Ben’s marriage to Jennifer Garner. (Nevermind that if a guy gets to the point of cheating, there’s something wrong with the relationship anyway, and it ain’t all the other woman’s problem.) In order to keep her away from prying eyes, she’s been holed up at the Hotel Bel-Air, and given that rooms run roughly $1500 a night, something tells me Benji’s the one footing the bill – something that’s been suggested and is likely happening, anyway.

From People:

Based on the length of Ouzounian’s stay, and factoring in meals and amenities, a Hotel Bel-Air source conservatively estimates the 28-year-old’s expenses at a cool $12,100.

That number would certainly put a strain on the budget of the average out-of-work nanny, but a source tells PEOPLE that Affleck, who’s been known to use the hotel as an escape for himself in the past, is “taking care of Christine’s expenses.” Another source close to the actor contends, however, that he “did not cover the Bel-Air bill. You would not find his card there, plain and simple.”

Regardless of whether Affleck is footing the bill, an eyewitness tells PEOPLE that “Christine is enjoying her hotel stay,” adding that “she acts like she is on vacation. She has been spotted by the pool several times, the spa and Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. She seems relaxed and happy. She hangs out with girlfriends, reads magazines and is on her phone a lot.”

A friend of Ouzouzian claims to PEOPLE that the ex-nanny and Ben “are in touch every day, all day long. He got them phones just for each other.”

I’m rolling my eyes so hard. This stupid girl. WAKE UP, ladies. If a man is willing to cheat with you, he’ll cheat ON you, and that’s the end of that shit. He’ll get just as tired of a lowly nanny as he did of his fellow superstar wife, with whom he has 3 kids. I guess get that money while it lasts, because that’s all she’s going to get out of this.

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