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Rihanna Might Be Dating Lewis Hamilton

rihanna lewis hamilton

I’m going to go ahead and say this is a load of bullshit, especially considering it was only a month ago that Rihanna was cozying up to Real Madrid player Karim Benzema, but whatever, let’s go with it. Now she’s apparently hooking up with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, who is probably better known to you as Nicole Scherzinger‘s ex-boyfriend.

“They’ve had a flirtation for years and have always fancied each other, but since May this year they’ve been talking a lot. Finally their schedules allowed them to spend a weekend in the same part of the world and they made the most of it,” a source close to Rihanna told The Sun.

“They are both really busy but Rihanna has asked him to come to Rock in Rio in September so he can see her perform and spend time together.”

The pair reportedly dined at Da Silvano in New York before moving on to 1 OAK nightclub and RiRi’s penthouse for a private party last Saturday.

“He is a bit infatuated with her and thinks she is not only sexy but incredibly funny, although he knows she has a reputation as a heartbreaker,” a source close to Hamilton said.

Ha. Yeah, I just don’t see it. Rihanna doesn’t really go for big softies (it’s the reason she never lasted with Drake), and I don’t think Ri is trying to settle down with anyone. She needs to be concentrating on getting R8 together, cos I’m over this “no new Rihanna music” bullshit.

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  • Poor Lewis. He has no idea what he’s… er.. um.. getting .. um.. IN to with Robyn… She’s gonna run his poor Formula 1 winning arse around and his poor weenie will be wangled
    until he’s worn out. Having said that, I wouldn’t go “in there” after Chris Brown had. I wouldn’t care how many years/weeks/days had elapsed since then.

    Having said all that, they make a cute “power couple”.