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Serena Williams Waxes Her Eyebrows After Twitter Bullying

serena williams

Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes to ever live, and that’s not up for debate. Last weekend, she won her 21st Grand Slam title (her 6th in a row) and continued her reign as the World’s No. 1 seeded female tennis player (I’d love to see her play the likes of Federer or Djokovic, too – I bet she could beat them). And yet, instead of celebrating this fantastic display of female strength and power, many people on social media were more concerned with Serena’s eyebrows. Because, of course, how dare a professional athlete who’s out there killing it not look fuckable for five seconds!

Taking to her Instagram page on Tuesday, Serena posted a video of herself getting her eyebrows waxed and shaped. She likes them natural and was pretty happy with them how they were, but the bullying got to her, so she let social media win this time.

This is absolutely ridiculous. It just shows you can be on top of the world and STILL be bullied for not ascribing to society’s view of “beauty”. Fuck that. Serena is strong, she’s fierce, she’s beautiful, and she could basically beat your ass, so people need to lay off and get a life. More than anything else, I feel really sad that Serena was actually bothered by this enough that she felt the need to document the fact that she was getting this situation under control. I didn’t even NOTICE her eyebrows during the match, to be honest. I was, you know, too busy watching her PLAY TENNIS.

Also, I thought strong eyebrows are a thing? Or is that only if it’s on Cara Delevingne? UGH.

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  • I couldn’t watch the entire video because it was so boring!!! If Serena had done it because she felt like it is one thing, but letting a herd of people you don’t know bully you into it looks bad and IS bad!