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Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit Would “Embarrass” Him If Unsealed

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I wish this was a comedy piece and completely farcical, but alas, this is real life. Bill Cosby‘s lawyer doesn’t want the records from his 2005 sexual assault lawsuit unsealed because his lawyer – and yes, he said this seriously – said it would be too “embarrassing” for Cosby. I’d say embarrassment over drugging and sexually assaulted a woman (well, dozens, but I mean in this particular case) is the least thing he should feel. I know it’s not on my list of feelings, which includes rage and disgust, among others.

From People:

The Associated Press is seeking access to court motions in the suit after Cosby has been confronted with more than a 40 accusations of sexual assault that allegedly stretch back decades.

Cosby, 77, has staunchly denied any misconduct and has never been charged.

The 2005 suit, brought by a former Temple University employee named Andrea Constand, alleged that Cosby drugged and assaulted her. It was settled in 2006 under confidential terms and a judge will have to decide if its temporary seal should be permanent.

Cosby’s attorney said the deposition could reveal intimate details about his client’s drug use, marriage and sex life.

“Frankly, … it would embarrass him [and] it would also prejudice him in eyes of the jury pool in Massachusetts,” lawyer George M. Gowen III said, according to the AP.

“Why would he [Cosby] be embarrassed by his own version of the facts?” the judge asked.

Gowen said Cosby did not negotiate the 2006 settlement thinking his sworn deposition would one day be made public.

“It would be terribly embarrassing for this material to come out,” he said.

Unseal this shit and embarrass the hell out of this decrepit piece of shit, frankly. Since he’s not going to be thrown behind bars for the rest of his miserable life like he should be, having people know the truth about his disgusting behavior is the very least retribution he deserves, so I’m with it.

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