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Ryan Gosling Pens Open Letter To Costco Over Eggs

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling is a famous Hollywood actor with a partner and a young child, but he still makes time to talk about the things that count. For instance, he’s incredibly passionate about eggs. He wants them to be free range and not pumped up with antibiotics, and he’s always been pretty vocal about it. Now he’s taking Costco to task in an open letter because they promised to switch to free range eggs, but they haven’t done it yet.

ryan gosling open letter

I mean, I personally only buy eggs that are pastured and, when possible, organic. But that’s personal preference and I’m lucky enough to have enough income to do that. Many people don’t, so we should be able to count on big companies to put their money where their mouths are and demand ALL birds be free range. The industry will only change if we demand it.

If you want some gruesome videos of how Costco’s chickens are treated (and I don’t particularly recommend it), here ya go. Way to fight the good fight, Gosling.

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  • I live near Guthrie, Kentucky, a town that produces a lot of eggs for Cal-Maine. I’ve seen the small, shit box buildings where they keep the chickens. There’s no way they could live in a manner acceptable for a living animal.

    And I hate the whole “vegetarian-fed” bullshit. Like, seriously?

  • The more hormonal and less free-range-ey, the more I like ’em. Particularly if I can save a dime.
    Shine on Costco you crazy foreigner-infested diamond shine on!