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Caitlyn Jenner Is Still A “He” To Kendall

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I’m sure Caitlyn Jenner‘s transition has been a difficult thing for her family, especially since it’s all been taking place so publicly. And while most of the Jenner/Kardashian clan has tried their hardest not to act like assholes throughout this experience, it seems some true feelings (or just plain carelessness) has seeped through. Kendall Jenner was talking to a reporter for E! this past week about Caitlyn’s upcoming docuseries, I Am Cait, but… kept referring to Caitlyn with male pronouns. Uh, yikes.

Asked what she thinks about the series, Kendall said, “I think that he can honestly do so much good with everything and I’m excited for it. If he’s excited, I’m excited for him.”

Huh. I understand that sometimes you might accidentally slip up and revert to the old pronouns, but to do it so consistently as if nothing has changed seems pretty disrespectful and ridiculous. Caitlyn is a woman, and while the girls know her as their dad, that doesn’t change that a woman goes by “she” pronouns. I don’t think that Kendall did this out of malice or anything (I frankly don’t think she seems smart enough to think of it as rebellious act), but I do think it was careless and a bit disappointing to hear.

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  • As much as I don’t give two hoots about this family in general, this seems a little over the top harsh, about the use of a pronoun. This is her father, dad, daddy and if it’s a little hard to get the pronoun right at this time, give Kendall a break. I’m sure she loves Caitlyn and doesn’t mean to be “pretty disrespectful and ridiculous” about a parent who help raise her. Him or her, the label is not that important, it’s the person inside that counts in the end.

  • She’s obviously having a hard time with it and it’s unrealistic to suggest she should be happy about Bruce’s transition. It’s easy for me and others to say good for Caitlyn because, in the end, we don’t know her and she isn’t an important person in our lives. Kendall knows Caitlyn as her father, so for your dad to one day announce his gender transition could only be shocking at best and devastating at worst. I don’t know how I’d react, but I know I wouldn’t be excited about it, so I don’t blame her for not being able to put up a perfect front about how she’s feeling.

  • …logically-speaking, pronouns: “she’s her dad” sounds confused and stupid, “it’s her dad” sounds derogatory and degrading, “he’s her dad” makes sense AND is appropriate, at least to HER even if not to the rest of the world!! And its dumb that she’d have to edit for the media. Because he IS her dad. Dads are males. He has a penis, she’s his genetic child. Boom. Let’s not get all PC about the “she” pronoun thing.