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Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo Are Dunzo After 2 Years

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Frankly, I had no idea that Nick Jonas even had a girlfriend, so it wasn’t much news to me to hear that he did, and they broke up. Nick was dating Olivia Culpo for the past two years, apparently, but they’ve apparently decided to end their relationship so that Nick can follow the rainbow path to gaydom.

Rumors of trouble in paradise first circulated last week, after the couple hit NYC for work reasons, but stayed in separate hotels. One source tells Us that the two didn’t even see each other during their time in the Big Apple.

A Jonas pal tells Us that the two are done — for now. However, the source adds that the photogenic pair aren’t sure whether the split will last.

An insider close to Culpo says the relationship has been rocky for a bit.

Another source hints that Jonas’ busy travel schedule was, in part, to blame.

Yes, that crazy “travel schedule” will get you every time. But hey, the relationship wasn’t a total loss – we did get this amazing gem of a song out of it. Seriously, this is such a jam.

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