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Kim Kardashian On Baby Names: ‘South West Is The Stupidest Thing Ever’

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When Kim Kardashian gave birth to her first child a few years ago, no one thought she would actually be ridiculous enough to name her North West, but she did it. She went there, and she owned it, and now we don’t think twice about it. But since “KiKi” is pregnant again, people have been wondering if she might have be inspired once more by cardinal directions and name the next child South. But uh, you guys? That’s so dumb!

From NPR:

PESCA: What are some of the things that people have suggested to you about the name?

KARDASHIAN: I mean, everyone keeps on saying South, and I think it’s so stupid.



KARDASHIAN: Stupidest thing ever and just ridiculous.

Yes, because South is “so stupid”, but North makes perfect sense and is not at all ridiculous? What idiot logic does this woman live by? Do I even want to know?

Kim also promised that she won’t be going with another direction, so I guess East West and West West are out the door, too. Damn. So sad.

Also, for the record, please read that entire NPR interview. Your brain will melt.

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