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Jerry Seinfeld Is Mad He Can’t Tell Racist Jokes

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I have to admit that I was a bit too young when Seinfeld was on the air to really “get” it, and it’s only recently – since TBS airs 2 hours worth of reruns every weeknight – that I’ve really gotten into it and started to appreciate it. It’s great! But some episodes totally remind me of what a different time it was and how many of the things that happened on the show would NOT be aired today. Which is kind of a shame, but you know, you get over it and find other ways to be funny than by being potentially offensive. Jerry Seinfeld, however, is not willing to do that.

In a new interview with ESPN Radio, Jerry revealed that he’ll never perform at college and hates college kids because they don’t know what they’re talking about in any way. He also worries about how we’re all so PC and revealed how his 14-year-old daughter called her mother sexist because the her mom thought she’d want to see boys more. I mean, the whole thing is a bit… meh, whatever.

Here’s the thing: Are we all a bit too sensitive? Maybe, but you can’t tell groups of people that have been marginalized and even KILLED for who they are that they’re “overreacting” when they’re being made the butt of a joke. That’s not something that’s okay. Also, if you have no jokes because you can’t do comedy without putting someone else down, guess what: you’re not really a good comedian.

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  • Well, if it were me, I wouldn’t tell the jokes just because I wouldn’t want to deal with the tidal wave of stupid shit that would come at me. The laughs and the money aren’t worth the frustration so it’s really more about the fact that todays youth aren’t worth dealing with rather than them being right or wrong. That’s a bit of a hollow victory for political correctness.

  • PC makes entertainment predictable and boring–the ultimate sin in a society accustomed to amusing itself to death.

    Let’s be honest, PC is a leftist strategy to silence opposition. In this case, accuse Seinfeld of racism and dismiss him. Just converse with people who think exactly like you. Very BORING, like this article.

  • Jerry is a cynical elitist.. he has no humorous thoughts., feelings,, as he is jealous and smug in observation of all and sundry , he has to find fault and defend his superiority.. you are less important and not as wise and witty as him and he’s giving you the side eye of disdain., go away and cry.. if you think this isn’t nice.