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Kylie Jenner Wants You To Know She’s Not Pregnant

kylie jenner pregnant

I feel like I’m pretty tuned into pop culture, for better or worse, but somehow the rumor that Kylie Jenner is pregnant completely passed me by. For the record, she’s certainly NOT carrying Tyga‘s child (yet), thank god, but people were gossiping enough about it that she felt the need to put things right on Twitter.

I’m not quite sure where the rumors started, but it seems something on Instagram sparked it all. However, Kylie wants you to know that Instagram is not real. It’s a “made up world”… I suppose much like the one in which chemtrails exist?

Anyway, that’s a relief, for now. The last thing we need is another Kardashian/Jenner child running about, especially when the mother’s still a child herself.

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