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Katy Perry & John Mayer Go On Disneyland Date

katy perry john mayer

So, Katy Perry and John Mayer got back together a while ago, for some unknown reason, and it seems like things have been going well. I suppose I’m not all that surprised, since I have ~inside info~ that they only broke up the first time because Katy was working too much (i.e. going on tour) and John basically just wanted to chill in LA so they took a break. Anyhow, they recently went to Disney World, and as you can see in the photo above, they look absolutely thrilled about it.

They took the trip to Disneyland over Memorial Day weekend and apparently looked all super romantic while they were there. But here’s the real question I have for all you LA people: Do you guys just go to Disneyland nonstop just because it’s there, and what the hell? Because seriously, everyone I know who lives out there is CONSTANTLY going, like, with the regularity I go to the greenmarket.

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  • Yup Californians LOVE their Disneyland everyone I know goes 1-2 times a year. Been7yrs for me it’s not $100 for anyone age 3 and up that is plain GREEDY EVIL

  • I hate it there. It’s crowded to the point you can’t move an inch without stepping on a two year old and there isn’t a single line less than 45 minutes. I do know a couple of people that get annual passes and call in sick on a weekday and get drunk and walk around, but most LA people, it’s a no.

  • I cant vouch for the L.A. version because Im near DisneyWorld in Orlando, if you dont have grandkids you dont go because you need to take out a second mortgage to get in . Then the long lines for everything once you do. Not fun.