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Pamela Anderson Goes ‘Psycho’ For New PETA Ad

psycho pamela anderson PETA

Pamela Anderson has been a pretty staunch support of PETA for a while and has done several ads for the animal rights organization over the years, so it’s no surprise she’s now released a new one in which she is – yet again – got naked, as you can see above. This time around, it’s a Psycho re-make, which… I don’t really get in relation to the issue at hand, but whatever!

The California water situation is SERIOUS right now, but I’m a meat eater so while I can get behind this message in theory, at the end of the day… yknow. That being said, I do think it’s important to look at these issues, I just don’t really trust PETA to be the organization to do it, to be honest.

But good for Pam. She’s still got it!

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  • hmmm. having hair that bleached requires touch ups every 2-3 weeks, which requires trips to the salon with extensive hair washing/rinsing…i wonder how much water that uses?? and I wonder how much water it takes to fill ornate pools, spas, waterfalls and fountains celebrities regularly have on their property…let alone the water needed to water the massive lawns and tropical plants?? and i wonder how much water they use washing their vehicles on a near daily basis?? hmmmm….celebrities really are so much better people than us common folk.