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Kylie Jenner apparently has her nipples pierced

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner might only be 17, but she thinks she’s a grown ass woman. A messy grown ass woman, but a grown one nonetheless. In addition to dating a dude who’s basically a paedophile and going under the knife as many times as she’s had birthdays, she also hinted on Snapchat yesterday that she’s got her nipples pierced by posting the following photo:

kylie jenner nipple piercing

Charming. Because if there’s one thing people need to know, it’s that a teenager has her nipples pierced.

Filed under other things none of us ever needed to see because it’s just so wrong on so many levels, Kylie posted a video online this week of her… putting her pants all the way down her sister Kendall Jenner‘s pants. What the hell is wrong with this family?

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  • I’m thinking Mama KTrash is mentally ill and abusive. Bruce has his obvious problems . the late Robert KTrash probably was a father too occupied with business to care for his spoiled rotten litle slutty brats and here are the results, a totally dysfunctional family of trash.