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Turkish people think Julianne Moore’s acting sucks

julianne moore

Julianne Moore is one of the best actresses of her generation, I’d say – and I feel like most people agree with that, considering she’s got Oscars, Golden Globes and a shit ton of other awards. She’s also smart, strikingly beautiful, kind and seems to be an all-around lovely person. But not according to the people of Turkey, since they fired Julianne from a tourism campaign for her “poor acting”.

The movie star has been dropped as the face of Turkey’s tourism campaign due to her “poor acting” skills, according to the Turkish media outlet Hürriyet Daily News (via New York Daily News).

Moore reportedly filmed a promotional video titled “Home Of,” which showed her traveling in an airplane while recalling childhood memories of her visits to Turkey. Shot in Los Angeles last year, the film was supposed to air in Turkey beginning in February 2014.

But the Hürriyet Daily News reports that the country’s Culture and Tourism Ministry were unhappy with the actress’ performance and wanted her to reshoot the film. When Moore rejected their request, the project was canceled, with ministry sources citing her “poor acting” as the reason.

Damn, that’s pretty harsh! However, it’s also pretty harsh that Julianne Moore is schilling for Turkish tourism. Is money seriously that tight? Say it ain’t so! I want so much more for you! You have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for God’s sake!

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  • Oh come on, she was a soap opera actress, don’t tell me she can’t do propaganda! Get yer head in the game, Turkey!

  • Juliann’s a one trick pony.. so numb to feeling and slow, preparing for the next line she will emote.. when she acts upset or laughs.. it’s fake.. I image Turkey said, oh she’s like a dead Kardashian without the bad fashion and whiney voice.. ick.. get rid of her..