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Shailene Woodley loves eating bugs

shailene woodley

Shailene Woodley seems to have really taken to her role as Hollywood’s hippie forest nymph and isn’t at all concerned about coming off as bizarre or downright ridiculous, which kinda makes me like her more. Homegirl is legit committed to her ~off the grid~ lifestyle. She spends days by the sea (hippies are drawn to the ocean because of Mother Nature, duh), she makes her own soap and she’s even heralding bugs as the next big superfood.

Here are some highlights from her new cover shoot for Nylon.

On the powers of bone broth:

Woodley spent her Friday night hunkering over a pot for hours in her Venice rental, waiting for the marrow bones she’d bought at the butcher’s to boil down. She finished up the last of it for breakfast this morning.

“I was laughing on the way here because I was worried I had beef broth breath,” admits Woodley. She doesn’t, but the soup must be doing her some good. In flowy linen overalls and a loose cream-colored T-shirt that slips off her shoulders, Woodley appears relaxed and engaged, if a little tired in the occasional moment when her thoughtful responses peter out into silence.

On being a natural goddess:

She easily springs back to life when the topic turns to her favorite preoccupations, few of which have anything to do with movies. She’s just as fascinated by the powers of galangal (Thai ginger), cramp bark (for PMS), or meditation—she kicks off every morning with a little zazen—as she is with whatever legendary director she happens to be working with (at the moment, it’s the famously intense Oliver Stone on the upcoming Edward Snowden biopic) or what projects she’d like to do next (a “big, stylish musical”—who knew?).

On eating bugs (from the behind-the-scenes video):

“I’ve eaten ants and that was great. And June bugs, that was great. I think the future of food is in insects, so we’ll see what happens.”

Huh. I mean, let’s be honest – the likelihood that Shailene Woodley chows down on insects on a daily basis is slim to none, but I appreciate her unwavering dedication to extreme hipsterism. She truly has reached new heights with it. And somehow, she manages not to be (too) obnoxious about it all, which is somewhat of a miracle.

The full interview is long as shit, but worth a read for the lulz alone, if that’s your thing.

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