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Meghan Trainor is teaming up with “curvy girl” fashion brand FULLBEAUTY

meghan trainor

Meghan Trainor, everyone’s favourite new pop star (SIKE!), is about to get a whole lot more obnoxious by joining up with FULLBEAUTY, a self-described “leading fashion brand for curvy girls”. Meghan will be working with the brand on “several projects” throughout the year including “event collaborations, social media engagement, fashion and beauty activations and more.” ::Jumps out window::

Here’s the official press release:

Paul Travin, the CEO of FULLBEAUTY, stated, “We feel privileged to have Meghan Trainor, who has inspired millions with her music, on our team as we promote fashion and empowerment to women.” Stephanie Sobel, the President of FULLBEAUTY, also said “Meghan Trainor’s music is truly powerful and FULLBEAUTY Brands is thrilled to be working with such a talented individual. Her lyrics inspire confidence from within, which is well aligned with our core company philosophy.”

Meghan Trainor also had this to say about the partnership: “I believe that all women should fully love who they are and how they look. I am proud to partner with FULLBEAUTY Brands, a company that embodies this same sentiment.”

Be honest with me, ladies – have any of you ever heard of FULLBEAUTY? I certainly have not, but I’m no expert. Wouldn’t a bigger get have been Meghan teaming up with, say, Forever 21 for their plus sized range? Or like, I dunno, Torrid or something? Don’t get me wrong – I will give the girl credit for being a spokesperson for “curvy girls” (JUST SAY PLUS SIZE!), but I dunno, this whole thing seems like a disaster.

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  • I haven’t heard of it until now, so there you go, her partnership is already bearing fruit; I’m totally the demographic! But I protest the overuse of curvy