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Gillian Anderson wants to see Jamie Dornan’s man junk

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Jamie Dornan might be Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, to many, but he also stars as a freak ass serial killer alongside Gillian Anderson in The Fall. Unlike Jamie’s (non-)relationship with Fifty Shades co-star Dakota Johnson, he gets along with Gillian famously and they’ve got chemistry out the wazoo. So much chemistry, in fact, that Gillian is a bit disappointed that she hasn’t had a chance to check out Jamie’s dick yet, apparently.

From The Telegraph:

“So, Gillian,” I say. “Have you seen Jamie Dornan, your serial killer co-star in The Fall getting his Christian Gray kit off in Fifty Shades?”

“No,” she demurs, copping out of the question with non-committal diplomacy. “I’ve been too busy. I’m either filming or on planes or putting my sons to bed.”

Too busy to make time for young Jamie whipping and chaining and rumpy-pumpying? Come on, woman, haven’t you got a pulse? Aren’t you even a little bit curious?

“I will see it,” she insists. “I am very interested to see his – range.” The imperceptible pause is too perfect an opportunity to ignore.

“Oh-ho, Gillian is that what we’re calling it these days?” And with that she dissolves into shrieks of laughter. Yes, Gillian Anderson isn’t just laughing, she is dabbing her eyes and laughing.

“That’s terrible! I mean, I like a good double entendre as much as the next person…but I really did mean his range.” She trails off and throughout the subsequent pot of tea there’s more laughter, a bit of relaxed swearing and an unflinching honesty that is, in its way, almost as discombobulating as her unflinching gravitas.

Man, will I ever get over my crush on Gillian Anderson? Probably not. But a better question is probably why we can’t have a Jamie Dornan/Gillian Anderson sex movie. Or just a Gillian Anderson one. Now that, I’d watch. Ahem.

When will the third season of The Fall be out, in the meantime? I know it’s probably not until late this year or early next, but it was left with such a cliffhanger and I gotta know what’s going to happen! I won’t elaborate because you might not all have finished yet, but it’s GOOD.

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  • What???? There’s a cliffhanger? ? I’m only half way through the second season and I don’t understand how they haven’t finished it yet! Also, I think my fascination with Jamie Dornan’s range is what’s making me root for the wrong bloke

    • Maybe “cliffhanger” is a strange way of putting it, but it does end in a really crazy way. I mean, you can kind of draw logical conclusions of what happens after seeing it (I hesitate to say too much because I don’t want to spoil you!) but still… it needs to come back on. And yeah, Dornan does play that creep role so well.

      • See I was trying to figure out why he wasn’t caught already, since they had his name and face and sorry sorry for anyone who hasn’t got THAT far, but I thought the next season would just be a new fruitloop dingus, but you’re saying NOT!

        I like Jamie Dornan in this role, he is really understated, which is great for conveying tightly controlled rage and menace; didn’t find it translated as well for 50 Shades.