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Zoe Saldana thinks Dolce & Gabbana boycott is dumb

zoe saldana

I’ve never had much time for Zoe Saldana – she’s always saying obnoxious shit and she’s not even that great of an actress, so she’s whatever in my books. With all that in mind, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that she’s decided to sound off on the fact that a lot of celebs have promised to refrain from buying Dolce & Gabbana after their offensive and reductive comments about children conceived via IVF. To Zoe, boycotting the brand is real dumb – I mean, who prioritizes morality over fashion?!?!?!

“No! Not at all, that would be the stupidest thing if it affected my fashion choice,” Saldana told E! News exclusively at the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards when asked if she will boycott the famous brand. “People are allowed to their own opinion, however, I wouldn’t have chosen to be so public about something that’s such a personal thing.”

She added, “Obviously it caused some sensitivity, but then again if you continue to follow the news, you see they all kinda hugged it out, so why are we making a big deal about it?”

Uh… “They all kinda hugged it out?” Is that code for “Elton John said shit and then was carrying that D&G bag the next day?” because no one is over it, girl, and Elton was a hot mess for doing that, and celebrities are still boycotting the brand. How dumb is she?

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  • Everyone has a right to their opinion and I have the right to judge you for that shitty opinion. No where does it say you have a right to say anything without any consequences.

  • I get where she’s coming from. I understand that it upset a lot of people, but if the BOYCOTT STARTER walks around the following day with what may or may not be a new bag but is definitely advertising of Dolce and Gabbana…why didn’t we all just eyeroll at D&G as being completely clueless and out of touch and deliberately inflammatory like we usually do with trolls?