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Kylie Jenner: “It’s intimidating to look good all the time”

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner‘s entire existence seems to center around her appearance and how she can “enhance” it to look as much like her older sister and as little like a human being as possible. But all of that puts a lot of pressure on a 17-year-old girl, and Kylie is human underneath all that surgery and makeup. At least she has Kim to look up to and model herself after!

She said: ”The people who really inspire my style-wise are obviously Kim and Kanye.”

Despite gladly taking tips from her older sister, the 17-year-old television personality is less at ease with the idea she is someone else’s style role model.

She added: ”I am definitely conscious of it. It is a little intimidating to look good all the time, but I just try to make outfits and meet with my stylist [Monica Rose].

”We will just talk and collaborate. We will throw ideas around and talk about the stuff that we like. So it’s really cool. Some people just follow me because I post a lot of outfits and shoes and jewellery.”

Yikes. Kim and Kanye inspire her style? Kim and Kanye don’t HAVE style. I mean, I get that the family is in their goth phase at the moment where they all where black from head to toe nonstop, and that’s… sure, it’s a look. But is it “style”? Would you call THIS style? No, thank you.

God help this girl.

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  • Bitch please you’re 17 you dont have any style or know how to do any thing except sleep with black guys like your sisters and mother taught you to do.

  • She is clearly a little sister, and it is endearing she looks up to her older siblings, regardless of who they are.