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Hilary Duff finally filed for divorce

hilary duff mike comrie

Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie separated back in January 2014, but it seemed like they might work things out in the months following. They were seen out together nonstop – likely because they have a child together, but some suggested it was because they were actually going to get back together. That doesn’t seem likely, however, as Hilary has finally filed for divorce – and it’s apparently Mike’s womanizing ways that sealed the deal.

Duff, 27, filed papers on Feb. 20, one day after the Daily Mail reported about Comrie’s behavior during a wild night out at Beverly Hills hotspot Mastro’s.

A source confirms the report to US Weekly, saying the former hockey pro was “aggressively hitting on” his waitress at the restaurant. The insider says Comrie was “calling her beautiful, telling her he wanted to take her out.”

Comrie’s advances, however, were rejected, which prompted him to go “up to another woman,” the source says. The father to 2-year-old Luca then “drunkenly threw money at [the other woman] and asked for sex.”

A source close to Duff tells Us that Comrie’s behavior that night was the final straw. “Hilary finally realized Mike wasn’t going to change,” the insider explains. “He totally blew it and chose to live life like he was single.”

Oh yeah, hell to the no on that one – Hilary made a good decision. If you can’t trust the person you’re with not to lose his damn mind when he goes out without you, it’s definitely not going to work out. It’s a shame, but thank goodness homegirl had enough self-respect not to put up with that.

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