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Bill Cosby won’t go away no matter how much you wish he would

bill cosby

Bill Cosby has been accused of countless instances of rape, drugging and sexual assault at this point and seems to be thought no worse of by much of the public. He continues to tour and tell his bullshit rape “jokes”, he continues to walk free without being brought to trial, and he also continues to torture us by promising that his dirty old man ass anytime soon, no matter how much you wish he would.

You see, Bill is scheduled to perform in Louisiana tonight, and while he’s had to cancel a few of his other shows, this one will go on as normal, and he’s even issued a written statement confirming his intentions to keep his career going.

“Dear Fans: For 53 years you have given me your love, support, respect and trust. Thank you! I can’t wait to see your smiling faces and warm your hearts with a wonderful gift – LAUGHTER. I’m ready! I thank you, the theatre staff (Heymann Performing Arts Center), the event organizers and the Lafayette community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment. Hey, hey, hey – I’m far from finished.” 

Is that a threat or a promise, Bill? I’m sure the theatre will be full of smiling, clapping, idiotic faces – because I’m sorry, you have to be an idiot (and that’s putting it kindly) to go out and enjoy a Bill Cosby comedy show at this point. There’s nothing funny about the things this man has done, sorry.

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  • I’m still amazed that we still don’t know what has happened but Court of Public Opinion has decided he is guilty so he must be. It’s strange to me how we are hanging Bill Cosby yet we let Hollywood pedophiles get away with it and continue to be predators. It’s strange to me that all of this comes out towards the end of his life and no one is questioning why. Seems like a definite way to ruin someone’s history. This is all absurd. I wish there was more conclusive evidence before we completely change someone’s legacy. Branding him a rapist and do we REALLY KNOW? Has he been convicted?

    I’m not saying Cosby is innocent. I’m saying that we should be a little more wary of our actions. We should think about the ramifications of judging and stating something as fact when we don’t know.

    It is truly important for people who have been assaulted to be able to speak their truths and get justice. If this is true, I hope that the women who were victimized get justice and the support they deserve. Until then can we just stop saying that Bill Cosby is a rapist until we know.

  • “and he also continues to torture us by promising that his dirty old man ass anytime soon”

    …what the fuck were you trying to say here?

  • At this stage of life after making zillions and being the biggest star on TV he clearly has no f*cks left to give about anything.