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Patricia Arquette won bigtime at the Oscars… and then lost in the press room

patricia arquette

It was no surprise when Patricia Arquette won the Best Supporting Actress award at last night’s Oscars, but what was surprising – refreshingly so – was her speech, which included a call to arms for all women to stand up and demand equal pay and rights once and for all. Everyone was all for it – Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez in particular really seemed on board – because let’s face it, she’s got a great point. It seemed rather early on that Patricia Arquette was going to be the hero of the night.

And then came the post-ceremony interviews in the press room…

In case you can’t watch or are just too lazy (I feel you), here’s where problems arose:

“And, it’s time for all the women in America, and all the men that love women, and all the gay people, and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for, to fight for us now.”

Uh… I mean yeah, equality between the sexes is an important cause and something we really need to work towards, but really? “We helped you, black people – now do something for us white ladies” doesn’t really go over that well, especially considering white women still have it a LOT better than black women do in this country.

Did Patricia mean to be so thoughtless? Likely not, but people should really think more before they speak in future. Yikes!

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  • Arquette is a typical far left wing moron. She has been for years. Her movie, Boyhood, made about $42 million. American Sniper has made close to $400 million. NONE of her movies has EVER made significant money. Guess she’s bitter about the fact she doesn’t get paid as much as some male stars?

    Please, she needs to wake up and encourage women to educate themselves to earn a college degree or learn a trade that will enable them to make real money. Whining about income inequality while refusing to understand the statistics that seem to present “facts” that women are underpaid is ridiculous.

  • Are you really this stupid? Add female to any category and you have it harder. Black = tough. black woman = tougher. That’s all she was saying. She wasn’t talking about white women exclusively. And I think you know this, but admitting it wouldn’t allow you to write your usual click bait.