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Britney Spears’ relationship with boyfriend Charlie Ebersol is “fueled by sex”

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Britney Spears started dating boyfriend Charlie Ebersol late last year and apparently things are going really well, as they do for the first six months or so. In fact, things are going so well mostly because all they do is have sex 24/7 – sex that’s so good, BritBrit apparently thinks it’s like performing five concerts back to back! A “source” went to far as to tell Radar Online that their relationship is “fueled by sex” and Charlie’s apparently the best she’s ever had.

“Britney says that Charlie is the most passionate man she has ever been with and she cannot believe she is this lucky,” a source close to the “Toxic” singer tells

“She also says that their relationship is ‘fueled by sex’ and that ‘he absolutely rocks in bed,’” the insider reveals to Radar.

Spears, 33, recently launched The Intimate Britney Spears Lingerie Collection and “attributes maintaining her hot body to ‘marathon sex’ with Charlie,” the insider tells Radar. “She says that their love making is like performing five shows back-to-back.”

Normally I’d call bullshit because no one in their right mind would ever utter the sentence “He rocks in bed!” (even if it was true), but then I realized we are talking about Britney Spears here, so this is likely the real deal. Or the ultimate cover story, because I’ll be totally honest, when I first saw the pic of them together back in November, I thought she was just posing with her gay hairdresser :( :( :(

What do you think – are these two shagging day and night?

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  • She says whatever and saves her cash for the day of freedom from hard working custody.. whatever, I am Britney B!tch.

  • I think that all we have heard is how her management team keeps her kitty in a cage and it’s basically all they can do to keep her from exposing herself and begging for sex. BUT, she’s got a lingerie line now, so let’s use the puppet to promote & she’s having ALL THE SEX, yall! It’s sad.