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Bobbi Kristina was likely a victim of domestic violence

bobbi kristina nick gordon

It was announced over the weekend that Bobbi Kristina‘s boyfriend-not-husband Nick Gordon is under investigation by authorities after they discovered “suspicious marks” on Bobbi’s body and one of her friends, Max Lomas, told authorities that Nick was being shady as hell the day Bobbi was discovered face down in her bathtub and had cleaned up blood stains from the house.

Now it seems more details are unraveling about Bobbi and Nick’s relationship and the truth about just how violent things were between the pair because of jealousy.

From TMZ:

Sources close to the couple tell us … their spats which sometimes resulted in domestic violence were almost always triggered by Nick’s jealousy over Bobbi Kristina’s fame. He felt he was also Whitney Houston’s child since he grew up with her and could not understand why people focused on Bobbi.

One recent example … they were trying to get their own TV show but when Nick wasn’t offered the same deal as Bobbi Kristina they turned it down.

Sources close to the couple tell us Bobbi Kristina’s injuries, which triggered an ongoing criminal investigation with Gordon as the target, don’t surprise their friends because they’ve known the relationship sometimes got violent.

Why am I not surprised? The same thing happened between Whitney and Bobby Brown and look how that ended up? So, so sad to see how these cycles are perpetuated. There have also been reports that Nick hasn’t been to the hospital since the day Bobbi was admitted – though hopefully that’s because her family has disallowed that.

What’s sad is that this girl’s life has been destroyed and she never really had a chance for it to play out otherwise. Such a shame. If these allegations about Nick are true, which I have a pretty good feeling they are, I hope he’s locked up and prosecuted fully.

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