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Chris Brown got his probation revoked over that nightclub shooting

chris brown

If you plan to go see Chris Brown perform anytime soon, be warned – someone (maybe you!) will probably get shot. A whopping FIVE people got shot at his show at a San Jose nightclub last weekend, and it turns out the judge in charge of Chris’ probation isn’t really feeling the fact that Chris went to San Jose without consent and revoked his probation because of it during a court appearance yesterday.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin, however, did not order Brown to be taken into custody and ordered a further report and hearing on the singer’s status.

Jane Robison, district attorney’s spokesman  said Brown specifically violated a provision that forbids him to leave Los Angeles County. In addition, he still has 200 hours of community service to complete.

His next hearing is scheduled for March 20, when a full probation report will be given. Also, he still has to perform 200 of the 1,000 ordered community service hours.

Can we just state the obvious again and say that Chris Brown is the fucking worst? I mean, he clearly knew he needed permission to leave LA – but oh, sorry, I forgot the law doesn’t apply to Chris Brown. He’s immune. I hope he does some other dumb shit – which I’m 99.9% certain he will – and his probation is revoked. Throw his ass back in jail and let him rot – he’s obviously not contributing a damn thing to society.

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  • I mean, look in the article right below. Another Chris, Chris Pratt, is doing good work with the sick kids, and this doink is pushing the pleasure button and .. well.. you know the rest.

  • Your an idiot . Its not Chris Brown’s fault people got shot in San Jose. But yeah he should have ask for consent, but hey he sings for a living. And he also has ONLY 200 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE out of a 1000 left. Wth is wrong with you

  • no sir you are the idiot… he shouldnt have any hours of community service because as an adult he should know how to f*$&ing act and how to be responsible

  • What crackhead wrote this shit.Fuck the court ,chris brown was giving too much time anyway for that rihana bullshit .She hit him so he hit her back,case close.Bitch need to learn how to duck next time or take a punch.