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Kim Kardashian cropped North West out of her selfie and the internet went crazy

kim kardashian north west

I don’t know why anyone on God’s green earth would be surprised that Kim Kardashian is vain and self-centered enough to crop her own child out of her selfie because it was harshing her duck lips vibe, but apparently they were because that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

Kim posted the above photo on Instagram yesterday, where you can clearly see a little sliver of North West. Her followers went INSANE, calling her selfish, saying how this is a sign that Kim has lost her last grip on reality, etc. I mean, she is and she has, but are any of us HONESTLY, seriously shocked that a woman who’s dumb enough to think it’s totally fine to sit on your phone taking pictures of yourself all night when you’re supposed to be on a date wouldn’t crop her kid out of her pictures to preserve her ~sexiness~? COME ON.

Here’s Kim’s response to the drama:

kim kardashian twitter

Well, that says it all – we can’t have accessory children get in the way of our vanity when we’re really feeling ourselves!

I mean, look, I don’t think it’s some cardinal sin or anything that her kid isn’t in a selfie, but I just think her total indignation over this thing is laughable. She honestly has no idea why people would think there’s an issue with it – which, let’s be honest, is more an issue in principal than in reality, but whatever – and it’s yet another display of her utter cluelessness.

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  • Come on, she knew exactly what she was doing. Everything she does is carefully calculated. She did this because she KNEW it would be news and it would bring more attention to her-good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

  • Honestly what I don’t get is the hoohah about it. She cropped out her kid, big whoop. I loved her reaction, I thought it was funny.

  • My mother says.. maybe this is how Kimboo was treated by her cold calculating mother.. not an excuse.. but there you are.. dumbfounded..

  • I agree with And-so-on…and have said that many times (about how Ms. Kardashian-West was treated as a child). The part that is just sad is “feeling my look” There is a beautiful child, hers!, on her lap and she is most focused on “her look” I have the feeling Miss North will grow up and become just like her Momma.