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Tayor Swift stole the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

taylor swift

Right, ‘fess up – who tuned in last night to watch a bunch of half-naked ladies march up and down a stage to music for a few hours? The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has always been a concept that’s been lost on me – I mean, I guess what is there to know other than “people like looking at women in lingerie”, but really? It’s 2014. It just seems a bit outdated.

Either way, the show must go on – and go on it did, with Taylor Swift providing some great music for the VS Angels to strut their lace-clad stuff to… and she was damn good. Just check out her performances below!

LOL at all the winking and kiss-blowing going on, and how it elicits wild cheers from the audience every single time. I feel like there’s a joke I’m not in on here. Anyway, I think ‘Style’ is probably the best song on 1989 and I love it so much.

In the interest of fairness, Ariana Grande was there, too, and while the broadcast missed out on the best moment of the night – Ariana getting whacked in the face by one of the Angel’s wings – she still did okay, I guess?

There you have it!

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  • I have to admit, I did not watch this. I was to busy getting prepared or already watching Sons Of Anarchy… however in these clips, I think Taylor rocked the show. That may also have something to do with the fact that I absolutely cannot stand Ariana Grande. All she seems to do is flick her hair stand around and sing in that obnoxious voice of hers

  • Confused why Ariana has had more hits this year (single wise) and had to do a mash up but Taylor didn’t sing Shake, opting for a song that hasn’t been really out there. Or maybe my detest for Swift is clouding my judgment.