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Ariana Grande’s baby voice annoys boyfriend Big Sean

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Big Sean seems to have a thing for dramatic women. First he was engaged to Queen Crazy Naya Rivera and now he’s moved on to Ariana Grande, who apparently insists on talking in a baby voice at all times, even at restaurants and while having sex. Big Sean is none too pleased about this, according to an “insider”, and finds it incredibly annoying.

From Star magazine:

The ‘Break Free’ singer, 21, who has been dating rapper Big Sean, 26, since AUgust, has been driving her beau up the wall with her constant need to talk in a baby voice. “Instead of saying, ‘I’m thirsty,’, she’ll pout her lips and say, ‘I want to dwink a widdle joosh,'” a pal tells Star. “Sean thought she was kidding at first, but now he’s had it.” To make matters worse (or more disturbing), insiders say Ariana brings out the baby talk when she and Sean get intimate. So wrong on so many levels!

HAHAH! I love this story so, so much. A wittle joosh! God help us everyone. For some reason, even though Star is full of shit, I can TOTALLY see this being right. It’s almost a little TOO ridiculous to make up (and if someone did, seriously, hats off for creativity and humour!).

What do you think? Does Ariana walk around talking in a baby voice?

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  • Who cares if she talks baby talk. Accept her for who she is. If her boyfriend gets bent out of shape over that then forget him then. He’s not man enough for her anyways. She’s a beautiful young lady. I wouldn’t care if my girlfriend or significant other talked baby talk 24/7/365. It’s good that she does. At least she’ll hopefully always be young at heart. Who wants to be with somebody that is always serious and doesn’t know how to have a good time. Way to go Ariana! Stay young and beautiful!