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Robin Williams suffered with dementia hallucinations before suicide

robin williams

More sad news coming out about Robin Williams and the days/hours leading up to his suicide this past August. It was revealed a while back that Robin was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and had recently been diagnosed, but now it seems as though that condition led him to also experience a horrible disease called Lewy Body Dimentia, which causes abnormal protein deposits in the brain that inhibit normal functioning.

From TMZ:

Lewy Body Dementia is a common condition associated with Parkinson’s … and people afflicted by both often get severe side effects from Parkinson’s meds. Hallucinations are common, where patients see phantom objects, people or animals. The patients often try to converse with the illusions.

Robin’s wife had told authorities shortly after his death he had been complaining about the meds and the way they made him feel.

Sources connected with the Williams family tell TMZ … Lewy Body Dementia was the “key factor” they believe drove him to kill himself. We’re told Robin’s doctors agree that the disease was the critical factor leading to his suicide.

Really, really sad. It’s crazy how the body can just turn on itself like that, isn’t it? However, I do hope that we can start letting Robin Williams rest in peace. I think we all know more than we need to as a society and we need to let his family grieve and find closure on their own without reporting on every new development. I understand it’s important to share these things to hopefully bring more awareness to these little-talked about conditions, but there has to be a line drawn, so I’m sorta torn on this.

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