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Looks like Kris Jenner really does have a new boyfriend!

kris jenner corey

If I was Kris Jenner, I’m not sure how I’d feel about my new boyfriend, Corey Gamble, denying that he was with me and claiming that I set him up by taking a picture with him in a restaurant when in reality, we were actually together. That’s what’s happened here, though. Cory denied it, but he and Kris are clearly a couple, as you can see in the photo above, and in this one:

kris jenner corey 2

The laughable thing here isn’t the fact that she’s got a new boyfriend, it’s how she’s dressed like she’s Kendall’s age instead of a grown ass woman. Not that a grown woman can’t wear Nikes, but this whole ensemble just seems so try-hard on Kris, who is so desperate to morph into Kim that she’d sell her soul to the devil to make it so (if she hasn’t already). I guess she’s happy, at least?

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  • I’m sorry, I already used up all my congratulations today (I heard Justin Timberlake is pregnant! ) so imma gonna have to go with Ewwwwww

    • It keeps going to my Spambox (not a euphemism), not sure why it started doing that?

      Also, I don’t want to be THAT reader, but sometimes, the first page loads an old version, even with refreshing, so it’s possible to totally miss a new story. Fyi

  • What on earth is she wearing? She’s dressed in something a 19 year old teen would wear and it makes her look trashy and ridiculous. Some people never learn that you look classier if you just dress your age. She could take a couple lessons from Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren on how to dress to kill and still look stunning at an older age.

  • I bet she is installing a swing and a S&M room where Bruce use to lay his lovely beautiful head.

  • I’m all for dating younger men (hey, as long as everyone is a consenting adult go to it and good luck) but not dressing like them.

    This relationship is going to be pretty entertaining as we get to watch Lucifer’s Homegirl try and recapture her 20-something days through her fashion choices. ;)

  • First of all, to all readers I know I’m not a bigot- we all bleed red! But all Kris’s girls (except Kourtney) have felt a need to date only black men and then here comes Granny K. looking like a pure idiot who needs to grow up , following suit. Why? Is it to be more like her girls?Polar opposite of a great ex-Olympian in Bruce J. I’m 58 and feel 38 inside, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in her outfit. She’s a joke! Act your age, not your shoe size!