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Eva Mendes steps out for the first time since giving birth to Ryan Gosling’s baby

eva mendes

Ryan Gosling has already gone back to work on a new movie after welcoming his first child with girlfriend Eva Mendes about six weeks ago. Now Eva has stepped out, looking really good and ready to shoot a commercial in Los Angeles.

Not much else to report on this one – just some star-spotting and an, “Oh my, doesn’t she look SLIM for just having given birth?!” on behalf of People (who originally posted the photo).

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  • She is lovely and I’m sure their baby girl will grow up to be just as stunning. Does Ryan remove his shirt in this upcoming movie? Asking for a friend…

  • I’m probably in the minority in that I don’t find either one of them very attractive, but I bet that’s a good looking baby! With probably a ridiculous name

  • with help of whatever she’s slim. Now to fix the teefs and remove the mole from the face and near perfection ensues